Other Procedures Related to Dental Implant

Cascade Dental is a well-established dental practice that provides many dental services, including dental implant procedures. Dental implants replace lost teeth effectively and long-term. Still, there are several other procedures related to dental implants that Cascade Dental provides to ensure the success and satisfaction of their patients.

Initial Consultation and Examination

Getting dental implants at Cascade Dental typically begins with an initial consultation and examination. During this appointment, the patient meets with a skilled and experienced dentist specializing in implant dentistry. The dentist carefully evaluates the patient’s oral health, considering bone density, gum health, and oral hygiene.

This assessment is crucial because it helps determine whether the patient is suitable for dental implants. Additional procedures may be required before implant placement if the patient has inadequate bone density or gum disease.

Bone Grafting

One common procedure related to dental implants is bone grafting. Patients with severe jaw bone loss due to factors like tooth loss or periodontal disease may require bone grafting to augment the bone structure. Cascade Dental offers bone grafting procedures to enhance the foundation for dental implant placement. This involves transplanting bone from another body area or using synthetic materials to stimulate new bone growth in the jaw.

Sinus Lift

Sometimes dental implants are placed in the upper jaw, particularly in the back molars, may be complicated by the proximity of the sinus cavities. A sinus lift procedure may be necessary to create enough space for the implants. Cascade Dental’s experienced oral surgeons are skilled in performing sinus lifts, ensuring the implants can be placed safely and securely.

Implant Placement

Once the patient’s oral health and bone structure are deemed suitable, the implant placement is the next step. This surgical procedure involves carefully inserting titanium implant posts into the jawbone. Cascade Dental utilizes advanced technology, such as 3D imaging and guided implant surgery, to ensure precise and minimally invasive implant placement.

Healing and Osseointegration

After the implants are placed, the healing period is a crucial part of the process. During this time, the jawbone naturally fuses with the titanium implants in osseointegration. Cascade Dental provides comprehensive post-operative care and monitoring to ensure this critical healing phase progresses smoothly.

Abutment Placement and Crown Attachment

Once osseointegration is complete, patients return to Cascade Dental for the placement of abutments and the attachment of dental crowns or prosthetics. Abutments link implants to replacement teeth. Cascade Dental’s skilled prosthodontists and technicians work closely to craft custom crowns that match the patient’s natural teeth in appearance and functionality.

Maintenance and Follow-up

Cascade Dental is committed to the long-term success of its dental implant patients. Regular follow-up appointments and maintenance checks are essential to the dental implant process. This ensures that the implants remain healthy and functional for many years.

Patient Education

Patient education is a top priority at Cascade Dental throughout the process. Patients are provided with detailed information on oral hygiene practices, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle choices to maintain their dental implants effectively. This ongoing support and education help patients enjoy the full benefits of their dental implants.

Cascade Dental’s dedication to providing comprehensive dental implant procedures and related services ensures that patients receive care of the highest possible standard from the very beginning to the very end. With a group of highly skilled experts at the helm and cutting-edge technology at their disposal, Cascade Dental remains a trusted destination for those seeking dental implant solutions and excellent oral health.