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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Vancouver WA?


Are you thinking about getting a root canal in Vancouver, WA? Well, you might need to consider the cost especially if you have a tight budget for this procedure. The cost of a root canal varies depending on factors such [...]

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost in Vancouver WA?2023-01-16T23:56:00-05:00

Dentist Vancouver, WA | Cascade Dental


  Why is a smile attractive? Although it is a challenging topic, some characteristics of a beautiful smile stand out immediately. The most crucial ones are healthy tooth color, shape, and alignment.  If any of these aspects of your [...]

Dentist Vancouver, WA | Cascade Dental2022-12-12T22:28:34-05:00

When do you need Emergency Dentist Services?


There can be many reasons why you may need emergency dental services from your local dentist. For example, perhaps you have a tooth causing you a lot of pain, or maybe you have an infection that makes it difficult for [...]

When do you need Emergency Dentist Services?2022-11-03T02:06:32-04:00

 How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?


The average fee for a root canal expert is depending on the tooth and its location, but the price may be $500 to $1,500. Treatment for the front teeth is typically less expensive than the back teeth. Some insurance plans [...]

 How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?2022-09-27T01:58:04-04:00

How To Determine If You Need Emergency Dental Work?


Experiencing a sudden, unexplained toothache, splitting a molar on a complex meal, or accidentally knocking out a tooth are all dental emergencies needing prompt, expert evaluation and care. However, there are situations when it might be challenging to determine whether [...]

How To Determine If You Need Emergency Dental Work?2022-09-03T04:04:54-04:00
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