Dental Emergency?

Please call our office right away if you are having a dental emergency.

Call (360) 892-2994

We Will Help You Right Away

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. If and when they do, we are available to help. Whether it’s the middle of the day, after hours, over the weekend, or during a holiday, we always have a doctor on call. Your health and comfort is important to us, so call us right away.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Broken/cracked tooth
  • Permanent tooth knocked out
  • Severe tooth or jaw ache
  • Object caught between two teeth
  • Loose permanent tooth
Cascade Dental Emergencies: Young woman with toothache at the dentist
Cascade Park Dental, dental emergency

The best thing to do should you experience an emergency is to stay calm. Call us right away. If you cannot reach our office for whatever reason, or if your emergency is life-threatening, dial 911 immediately.

Before coming into our office you may wish to rinse your mouth out with warm (not hot) salt water. If you are in severe pain, apply a cold compress to help alleviate the pain and reduce any swelling.

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