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Going to the dentist isn’t exactly fun, but it is a necessary part of life that we can’t avoid. For many people, the thought of visiting the dentist can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a great relationship with your current specialist. Finding a local dentist who is friendly and knowledgeable can make all the difference in the world. 


If you’re looking for a reliable and professional dentist in the Felida area, look no further than Cascade Dental. With years of experience, our team of expert Felida dentists offers top-notch services from routine cleanings to complex surgeries. 


We understand that oral health is an integral part of overall wellness and make sure to provide the highest standard of care. Our prices are competitive, and they even offer discounts for new patients.


Cascade Dental not only provides great dental care but also ensures that their patients feel as comfortable as possible during their visit. From the moment you walk through their doors, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff who go out of their way to make sure you feel welcomed and at ease. 


We offer a wide variety of services, including: 



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Leading Specialists in Felida Dental Services 

Cascade Dental-Dr Daniel Wilson DMD

Visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. In fact, finding yourself an experienced neighborhood specialist who takes the time to listen and learn about your needs can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable during those routine checkups! 


At Cascade Dental, we have some of the best dentists in Felida who can help you get the best smile. Our practitioners are passionate about providing the highest level of care and strive to ensure that all our patients are comfortable and happy with their dental treatments. 


We believe in treating each patient as an individual, ensuring that they receive personalized services that cater to their specific needs. Our dentists offer:


Personalized Care

When looking for a new dentist, one of the biggest factors to take into consideration is their level of personalized care. Our dentists know exactly who you are and will make sure to provide personalized care tailored specifically to your needs. This kind of individual attention can make all the difference in ensuring that your teeth stay healthy and strong. 


Trustworthy Advice

It’s always helpful when making any big decision—including choosing a dentist—to get advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Our local dentists in Felida give trustworthy advice about everything from which whitening products work best to how often you should be getting dental cleanings and checkups. Their expertise and knowledge can help guide you in making decisions about caring for your teeth properly over the long term. 


Community Connections & Support   

Establishing these connections makes it easier for us to support each other during difficult times, such as if someone has an emergency or needs extra assistance with something like financing their care plans or filling out paperwork correctly.        


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From providing personalized care tailored specifically to your needs to giving trustworthy advice and forming supportive relationships within the community, there’s no reason not to choose a local dentist today!


Cascade Dental is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a dentist who cares. We provide a welcoming atmosphere and high-quality services.


From preventive care to advanced restorative dentistry procedures, our team of dental professionals has you covered. We offer general dentistry, cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, periodontics, implants, and more. We’re even equipped with the latest technology—including digital X-rays and lasers—to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and efficient as possible.


About Felida 

Cascade Dental Office

Felida, Washington is a small unincorporated community located in Clark County. It was founded in 1891 and has a population of about 3,400 people. The area is known for its quiet lifestyle and tranquil views of the nearby Columbia River. Recreation activities such as fishing and hiking can be enjoyed at nearby parks like Frenchman’s Bar, Vancouver Lake and Salmon Creek Park.


Additionally, the area is home to several notable restaurants like Pho Saigon, D’Angelo’s Bar and Grill, and The Mason Jar Taproom. For those looking for retail shopping, Felida provides an array of options from boutique shops to grocery stores. Overall, Felida offers a great place to live with peaceful surroundings, plenty of recreational activities and a variety of local businesses.


Felida is also  well served by public transportation, with bus routes connecting it to Vancouver and Portland. There is also an Amtrak station in town, making Felida easy to access from other parts of Washington State.


Overall, the small unincorporated community of Felida offers a fantastic place to live for those seeking a quiet lifestyle surrounded by nature and plenty of amenities. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, shopping or dining, Felida has something for everyone.


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