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Cascade Dental provides complete dental care for our patients in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We provide a variety of services, including preventative care to cosmetic dentistry. We aim to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

We proudly offer our patients the latest dental technology, including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and laser dentistry. We also provide various payment options to make dental care affordable for everyone.

Our Mission

We are a group of dental experts. We serve our community and our patients by offering top-notch dental care with outstanding customer service, compassion, and integrity. We educate our patients so they can make the best choices for their dental health by listening to their fears, concerns, and desires. One smile at a time, we hope to transform lives.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the dental office of choice in our community. We want our patients to feel like family and treat them with the same care and compassion we would want for our own families. We strive to provide the highest quality dental care possible, using the latest technology and techniques.

We are committed to offering our patients a positive dental experience every time they visit our office. We understand that many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, and we exert every effort to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our Service

Cascade Dental offers a wide range of services to meet your dental needs. We provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. We also offer various payment options to make dental care affordable for everyone.


Preventive Care

We recommend you visit our office every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. We will clean your teeth during your appointment and check for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease. We will also take x-rays to check for any problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Restorative Care

If you have a cavity or a broken tooth, we offer a variety of treatments to restore your smile. We offer fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures. We also offer root canals to save teeth that are infected or damaged.


Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide several cosmetic dental procedures to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We offer teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. We also offer Invisalign, which is a clear alternative to braces.


Whitening of teeth

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure to get a whiter smile! Tooth whitening, also known as tooth bleaching, is lightening a person’s teeth. Teeth can become discolored for several reasons, and bleaching is frequently desired. The intrinsic or extrinsic colour of the tooth enamel can be changed to achieve whitening.



Dentures can be supported by dental implants, which interface with the jawbone or skull to support dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, dentures, or facial prosthetics. Dental implants can also act as an orthodontic anchor.


Bonding and Veneers

Usually, healthy teeth are treated with cosmetic dentistry to enhance or correct their appearance. Applying resin to the surface of your teeth and curing it with a special light constitute dental bonding. The material is hardened by this light, ensuring that it will firmly adhere to your teeth. In contrast, veneers are small, individually-made restorations affixed to the front of your teeth. Veneers are usually made of porcelain and can mask various dental flaws, such as misshapenness, gaps between teeth, and surface stains.



Dental crowns are another standard cosmetic dentistry procedure that improves the appearance of your smile. A natural tooth has an outer layer called enamel that protects the inner, softer parts of the tooth. However, over time, this enamel can become damaged or eroded, exposing the internal components of the tooth to decay and infection. Crowns are used to restore the function and appearance of damaged teeth.


Sealants for teeth

In keeping with our dedication to preventive care, we provide sealants to guard your molars against decay. Your teeth’s chewing surfaces can be sealed off to protect them from future problems. With this simple technique, you can ensure that your teeth are protected in all crevices.



X-rays are a crucial part of both diagnostic and preventive therapy. X-rays give our dentists essential details about your oral health and allow us to spot any anomalies that could eventually become more severe. Additionally, we use digital x-rays to expose our patients to less radiation.


Dental Treatment

To help you and your family, we emphasize early preventive care and prepare you for success and good health. We advise six-monthly exams for people in general good health and who practice good oral hygiene to maintain dental health, detect oral problems, and prevent periodontal disease. Our staff will review all the information you need to know to keep a healthy smile.


Dental Care

If you have periodontal disease, a common dental condition, Cascade Dental offers treatment options to restore the health of your gums and teeth. Our dentists remove tartar and perform thorough cleanings to lessen the effects of periodontal disease. Therefore, early intervention can prevent discomfort, bleeding gums, and tooth loss.


Oral Cancer Screenings

No matter how well you take care of your oral hygiene, oral cancer can develop and threaten your health. The 90% early detection rate for oral cancer is a good development. This is why Cascade Dental offers screenings that will help in the early identification of symptoms. If you are concerned about oral cancer, make an appointment right away.

The Care of Our Patients

At Cascade Dental, we want you to feel at ease talking to our staff about your objectives, worries, and concerns. You will have a stress-free and relaxing experience at our dental office in Vancouver, Washington. We work hard to give patients the best experience possible.

We think you should be comfortable smiling. What we can do to create or recreate your smile might astound you. We assist you in maintaining your smile, acquiring a smile, or replacing a smile that has been lost. There is no greater reward than seeing a patient’s self-esteem soar during her brief visit to our office. You can fill out patient forms online at your convenience.


In the Community

Our physicians are good neighbors. And being a good neighbor means lending a hand to those in need. Additionally, it helps if you are a superb dentist. All patients receive the proper dental care they need thanks to the collaboration between our doctor and Medical Teams NW. Most of these people “go so long without getting professional dental care,” he claims. “Knowing I’ve improved their health and made their smiles a little brighter makes it all so worthwhile,” the author says.


Learn About Us

Everyone at Cascade Dental resides in Clark County and Vancouver, Washington. Many of us were raised here from birth. We might even live nearby. It’s one of the reasons we enjoy giving you a radiant smile and using our skills and vigor to improve our neighbourhood.

Cascade Dental comprises a team of dental experts passionate about providing top-notch dental care with outstanding customer service, compassion, and integrity. We serve our community by educating our patients so they can make the best choices for their dental health.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with a positive dental experience every time they visit our office. We understand that many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, and we do everything we can to make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed.


Focus on Providing Excellent Dental Experiences

Our practice’s guiding principle is “commitment to excellence”. Your visit to the dentist should be nothing less than fantastic. At Cascade Dental, our entire staff is dedicated to giving you the best and most professional dentistry in Vancouver, Washington. We base our discussions about your dental care options on your health and the health of your family as a whole. Comprehensive communication, advanced team training, cutting-edge dental technology, and beneficial patient education are all parts of our commitment to you.

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Dr. Daniel Wilson, DMD Dentist Vancouver WA
Dr. Daniel E Wilson, DMD


Dr Daniel E. Wilson is a skilled practitioner of modern dentistry in Vancouver, Washington. Patients in Portland and Vancouver like him a lot. Patients value Dr Wilson’s compassion and love of helping others.

Dr. Andy E Himsworth, DMD


The Orthognathic Bioesthetic International Institute was the training ground for Vancouver, Washington, dentist Dr Andy Himsworth. Dr Andy is renowned for using SureSmile Clear aligners to treat TMJ disorder and difficult bites and produce stunning smiles. In his view, treating a problem’s root causes rather than its symptoms is preferable

Dr. Andrew Himsworth, DMD Dentist Vancouver WA
Dr. Holly Stagg, DDS
Dr. Holly W Stagg, DDS


Dr Holly Stagg, a dentist in Vancouver, WA, is a native of the Pacific Northwest. She takes pleasure in improving her patient’s oral health and helping them keep their attractive, functional smiles for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Stephen A. Reller, DMD


Dr Stephen Reller returned home to practice dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, after serving with honour for five years as an Active Duty Naval General Dentist! He has experience treating various dental issues and is driven and patient-centered.

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