All of us at Cascade Dental are so pleased to welcome new staff members to the family!

We are proud to work together as a team here at Cascade Dental. Our unity and ability to bring together the best experience in dentistry in the Vancouver area is one of the main things that sets us apart from the competition. Together with our team, now led by FIVE dentists, we are able to offer the community a comprehensive range of dental services.

Because we pride ourselves in bringing together the most phenomenal group of dental professionals, we couldn’t be more excited to give a warm welcome and introduction to the newest team members at Cascade Dental.

Introduction to the New Staff Members at Cascade Dental


Dr. James Dinger, DMD

Dr. Dinger is the newest dentist to join our team.

Dr. James Dinger – Dentist

Dr. James Dinger is our newest dentist and is a Utah-native who achieved his Bachelor’s of Science Degree (B.S.) from Brigham Young University. He went on to the University of Pittsburgh where he earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree (DMD).

Dr. Dinger has earned an amazing reputation for being sensitive and calm with his patients. His easy-going personality is much appreciated by all patients, especially those who experience dental anxiety. He prides himself in his ability to offer pain-free extractions and root canals. Dr. Dinger is specially trained in the fabrication of athletic mouthguards, and provides this service at no charge to high school football players. 

When Dr. Dinger is not taking care of patients, he is spending time with his wife and four school-aged children. Together they enjoy playing boards games and enjoying the outdoors by riding bikes, playing sports, doing yard work, and collecting sand dollars at the beach!


Kristi assists Dr. Dinger with all his patients’ needs.

Kristi – Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Dinger

Kristi is a seasoned dental professional with more than 30-years of experience in the industry. She has jumped in and taken off in her new role as Dr. Dinger’s Patient Care Coordinator. Her quick wit and confidence in dental knowledge has helped her swiftly find her place in our dental family. Kristi is a seasoned world traveler who loves to spend time with her family, athletic competition, and naturally, the magic of Disneyland! She lives and works in this community and has an ease of making everyone feel like a friend.


Lori Cano, New Patient Coordinator

Lori takes care of all new patients’ needs.

Lori – New Patient Coordinator

New Patients are going to feel comfortable and invited by our New Patient Coordinator, Lori. Her kind, calm voice and bright smile will put any nervous new patient at ease. She has many years of customer relations experience, along with leadership, not only professionally, but as the captain of her ship at home as well. This passionate foodie and craft beer lover is a Culinary Chef and will easily earn our love thru our stomachs. She loves listening to live music, the great outdoors, and traveling with her family.



We Invite You to Join the Cascade Dental Family…

As our dental office family continues to grow, we invite the community to grow right along with us. If you are in need of a friendly neighborhood dentist in Vancouver, Washington – stop by Fisher’s Landing and pay us a visit. You can also make your appointment by phone at 360-892-2994 or schedule your appointment online



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