Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Invisalign

People often express interest in having straighter teeth, yet they tend to worry about the effects that traditional metal braces will have on their appearance. This is especially common for adults who simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of having wires and brackets in their mouth when they are busy raising a family and building a career. Even for teenagers, many feel too self-conscious to comfortably wear traditional braces. Fortunately, new technology has provided an easier and faster way to improve the aesthetics of your smile that does not require sacrificing your lifestyle: Invisalign!


How Does Invisalign Work?

Each phase of your orthodontic treatment using invisible braces involves wearing a set of thermoplastic aligners that are custom made to gradually move your teeth into the desired placement. These aligners are created using a complete bite analysis that is performed by your Invisalign dentist using 3D-Digital Imaging technology that takes the current alignment of your teeth and creates a full rendering of what your smile should look like through each part of your treatment. Since the aligners are custom fit and designed to slowly shift your teeth into alignment, they are comfortable enough that most people forget they are even wearing them.

What Are The Benefits Compared to Traditional Braces?

Our orthodontic patients frequently tell us that their favorite thing about Invisalign is that they do not alter their appearance. However, our orthodontic team knows that there are additional benefits that impact your oral health. For example, the plastic aligners are removable. A patient removes them when eating, brushing, and flossing, which allows you to clean your teeth better than you could with metal braces. Since there are no brackets or wires, you also don’t have to worry about them poking your gums.

Will Invisalign Help My Oral Health?

The impact that having straighter teeth has on your oral health depends upon multiple factors. However, misaligned or crowded teeth create traps for food and plaque that are harder to clean. Once your teeth are in proper alignment, your toothbrush and floss will be better able to access these areas. This can help lower your risk for cavities and gum disease in the future, but you will still need to practice proper dental care by brushing at home and going in for regular dental exams and cleanings.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Naturally, you are probably wondering where can you can find an Invisalign specialist. Fortunately, we offer complete Invisalign treatment right here in our Vancouver office. When you come in for your initial consultation, our orthodontist will conduct a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Then, we use our 3-D technology to evaluate the course of your treatment and allow you to see the predicted results. Once your treatment begins, you will be given a new set of plastic aligners about every two weeks, depending upon your treatment plan and progress.

It is important to note that to be effective, you must commit to wearing your plastic aligners for the majority of the day, even as you sleep. Without wearing them consistently, your treatment may be delayed. As your treatment continues, you will visit our office every six to eight weeks so that we can check your progress. Although every person is different, you should expect to wear your plastic aligners for between six months to a year.

How Should I Care For My Plastic Aligners?

Caring for your plastic aligners is essentially the same as caring for your teeth. During your oral hygiene routine, you will brush them gently to remove food debris. You may also be directed to soak them periodically using a special cleaner recommended by your orthodontist. It is also important to rinse them after they are removed for eating to wash off your saliva. Keeping them in their case when you are not wearing them and avoiding direct contact with heat are additional measures you can take to preserve your trays.

Am I a Good Candidate For Invisalign?

In the past, many people were told that they were not ideal candidates for invisible braces, but new technology has made it possible to use the plastic trays to treat a wider range of orthodontic problems, including certain bite issues. Invisalign is also able to treat people of all ages, provided they can commit to wearing the plastic aligners for the majority of the day, so your teenager or adult spouse could both potentially be ideal candidates for this treatment. However, it takes a professional consultation to know since the technology requires a 3-D assessment using digital technology along with a visual exam to tell for sure.

If you are unhappy with your smile, it is time for a change! To learn more about Invisalign or to get started with treatment, contact our team at Cascade Dental today.